Dr Bhaba Nanda Das Best Cardiothoracic Surgeon in India Making Sure Your Heart Stays Stronger

21 Sep


Cardiothoracic Surgery is the medical specialty devoted to the surgical management of intra thoracic diseases and abnormalities. Cardiothoracic surgeons specialise within the treatment and control of diseases that occur inside the organs in the chest and inside the bony structures and tissues that shape the chest hollow space. Coronary artery disease is one of the most common diseases handled via cardiothoracic surgeons. General thoracic surgeons usually deal with lung cancer and diseases of the esophagus and chest wall.

Dr Bhaba Nanda Das is master of cardiothoracic surgery in India

Dr Bhaba Nanda Das best cardiothoracic surgeon in India is a recognised world leader in patient care, innovation and patient safety. He enjoys an international reputation for heart surgery, particularly for heart transplant program and for pioneering new ways of treating complex heart disease. He carries out 1000 procedures a year and consistently achieve outcomes superior to international guidelines. He pioneered minimally invasive valve surgery and has become a leading surgeon for trialing new devices. He has brought his skills in a full range of adult cardiac surgery at Apollo Hospital Delhi. He is best cardiothoracic surgeon in Delhi, providing urgent and elective procedures for patients requiring advanced heart surgical care. He offers the latest technology to help deliver one of the best available services in India.

Dr Bhaba Nanda Das providing end-to-end care for you and your heart conditions

You’re right here because you, or a loved one, were diagnosed with a heart or lung problem, which may additionally require a surgical operation. Dr Bhaba Nanda Das cardiothoracic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Delhi is specialists in all aspects of adult heart and lung (cardiothoracic) surgery, and is at the forefront of clinical surgery, academia and research, performing over 1,000 major operations each year. His aim is to provide each patient with a quality of life outcome. Through his experience, research and knowledge base he provides his patients with continuity of care and aim to provide each patient with a quality of life outcome. Consult Dr. Bhaba Nanda Das, the best cardiothoracic surgeon at Apollo Hospital, Delhi via contact number +91-9765025331.

Dr Bhaba Nanda Das advancing the science and practice of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery in India

When you or a person you care about is first diagnosed with heart disease you can feel overwhelmed. There may be a complicated route of doctors, clinical investigations and tough records to digest.Dr Bhaba Nanda Das best cardiothoracic surgeon in Delhi India understands that each patient is unique and may be impacted in different ways. His mission is to minimize the trauma and disruption that undergoing major surgery brings to your life by offering his patients alternatives to traditional open-heart surgery and by keeping you informed each step of the way. He believes in designing a treatment plan that takes your work, family and passions into careful consideration – so you can regain your optimal health and return to the things that be counted most to you as quick as possible. His aim is to perform the right operation safely and in the least invasive way possible.

Invaluable benefits you will get from India cardiac surgery service

India cardiac surgery service – A best medical provider in India guides you with the latest changes made in the health care sector. We follow a obvious system for the patients and that’s why we've got a clean edge over all of the other medical provider in India. To save cost, time and hardships, it is imperative for an overseas patient or domestic patient travelling for treatment to plan it in advance. We at India cardiac surgery service, plan your treatment by completing all the necessary formalities so that the patient can get ready for treatment.

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