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25 Jan


Coronary artery bypass grafting is a kind of surgical operation that improves blood flow to the heart. This procedure is used to treat people who have severe coronary heart disease.  This is a disease in which a waxy substance called plaque builds up inside the coronary arteries. These arteries supply oxygen-rich blood to your heart. Over time, plaque can harden or rupture. This can cause chest pain or discomfort called angina which is the most common cause of a heart attack. CABG is one treatment for CHD. During CABG, a healthy artery or vein from the body is connected up, or grafted, to the blocked coronary artery by creating a new path for oxygen-rich blood to flow to the heart muscle.

Who is the best CABG Surgeon in India

Dr Anoop K Ganjoo is a senior consultant at the department of Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and he has over 2 decades of rich professional experience in his field. He is reasonably well informed and skilled doctor who likes to instill a sense of security and trust in his patients, and loves to share his knowledge with those in training; he likes to demystify surgery for patients as well as the medical staff. With a motto of whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. He has pioneered in lots of complicated procedures in cardiology and cardiac interventions. With over two decades of rich professional experience in his field, he has treated several patients in India and gives every patient the best of medical care.

Mentioned Dr. Anoop K. Ganjoo Success Stories and Lifetime Achievement Award

“My name is Logan Jones  I could like to share my experience in India,  A few months before my surgery at the with Dr. Anoop K. Ganjoo I could tell there was something wrong, so I went to the hospital for a stress test. Then my doctor performed a catheterization. I did not have a heart attack, but it turns out that my aortic valve had degenerated and considered one of my arteries become 95% clogged. I had two choices: I could go on medication and hope a heart attack didn’t strike, or I could opt for bypass surgery and some serious lifestyle changes. The successful procedure was performed Oct. 11, 2018, by Dr. Ganjoo, independently best cardiologist cardiothoracic surgeon Apollo Hospital Delhi. That very day, I was breathing on my own and walking with the aid of a physical therapist.  During the entire time whether it was before or after the surgery, everything was explained to us properly and we were updated on regular basis. I have always received a solution from the doctor and his team to all my doubts and queries. My recovery has also been very good. I stayed in the ICU for 2 days and later in the ward and I would say that the care has been excellent throughout. I would highly recommend him to everyone.”


Why International Patients Always Choose Dr. Anoop K. Ganjoo CABG specialist India

His reputation of being the best heart surgeon in India is primarily due to the development of new treatments, as well as drug therapies that help improve the quality of life of patients. He helps patients suffering from heart ailments, deliver successful outcomes and treatments that meet established internationally-recognized standards complemented by state of the art technology means better diagnosis and better treatment giving patients complete cure for their diseases. He is recognised nationally and internationally for his surgical technical excellence and innovative abilities to perform both simple and challenging operations. He realizes that international patients looking for treatment in India have special needs and requirements. In order to provide a highly specialized service, he offers seamless patient services of world-class quality.


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