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13 May


Catheter ablation is a procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to destroy a small location of heart tissue this causing rapid and abnormal heartbeats. Destroying this tissue enables repair your heart’s normal rhythm.

Who needs a cardiac ablation?

  • Patients with HRD/Arrhythmia that can’t be controlled with lifestyle modifications or medication
  • Patients experiencing rapid heartbeats that begins in the heart’s upper chambers (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia SVT).
  • Patients with Ventricular Tachycardia (VT); an arrhythmia that begins in the decrease chambers.

Cather ablation surgery procedure

Cardiac ablation involves the insertion of catheters right into a blood vessel via the groin or neck region. An electrophysiology study and the electrodes at the tip of the catheters help doctors to pinpoint the location of electrical disruption. Once the precision location is identified, the “quick-circuit” is either destroyed or blocked by passing energy through the catheters. This destroys a small amount of tissue on the damaged site. The energy can be both hot (radiofrequency power), which cauterizes the tissue, or extremely cold, which freezes or “cryoablates” it. The patient needs to lie nonetheless for 4 to 6 hours post the catheter incision for the incision to start recovery properly.

Cardiac ablation success rate

Cardiac ablation is very effective and is a very effective in more than 90 per cent of patient’s present process the treatment. It also removes the for an open heart surgery or long term medication. However, in some cases, repeated ablation strategies can be required.

India is a perfect destination for cardiac ablation

The world class and affordable heart surgery center, India offers best treatment via well expert cardiologist with advance techniques in the country. There are several internationally accredited hospitals in India that conduct cardiac ablation surgery. Knowledge the vital nature of the surgical operation, the cardiac surgical operation hospitals in India make sure that the surgery is only conducted by a team of highly experienced and skilled surgeons A team of surgeons thorough examine the patients and order a few imaging tests to identify the location of the blockage prior to the surgery. A detailed plan is created and discussed with the patients prior to the process. Cardiac ablation surgery cost in India is much more affordable than any of the Western nations. It is estimated that a patient travelling from a western country save around 70-80% of their money by choosing India over their home country for cardiac ablation .

Dr. Anoop K. Ganjoo helping you achieves a healthy heart

Dr. Anoop K. Ganjoo cardio thoracic surgeon India treats patients with all types of arrhythmias, from the common to the complex. Cardiac Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Delhi performs more than 350 ablations every year. Such a high number gives him a depth of experience and expertise, meaning better results for his patients. In his experience of over 25 years, he has pioneered in many complicated procedures in cardiology and cardiac interventions. You can feel confident that you are receiving the best care possible, so you can get back to your daily activities, symptom-free.

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India cardiac surgery service has now established itself as the most innovative medical provider company in India and has been growing exponentially offering the cost effective, technology based, safe and secure medical services to the people across the world. Understanding the importance of well-being and good health, we commit to provide world class medical care at affordable prices by fixing instant appointment with Dr. Anoop K. Ganjoo and the multi-super specialty hospitals across the country.

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