Low Costs Total Artificial Heart Procedure Attract Foreign Patients to India

20 Apr


Despite growing demand, the supply of donor hearts has remained the same for the past twenty years. When a donor heart isn't available, replacing both failing heart ventricles with the total artificial heart Surgery In India is the only way to eliminate the symptoms and source of end-stage biventricular failure.

Who may benefit? 

You may benefit from a TAH if you have heart failure caused by ventricles that no longer pump blood well enough, and other treatments have not worked. If you are waiting for a heart transplant, a TAH can help prolong your life.

How Does It Work? 

The TAH replaces the lower chambers of the heart; tubes connect the TAH to a power source that is outside the body.  The TAH pumps blood through the heart’s artery to the lungs and the rest of the body. The TAH has four mechanical valves that work like the heart’s own valves to control blood flow. These valves connect it to your heart’s upper chambers, called the atrium, and to the major arteries, the pulmonary artery, and the aorta. Once the it is connected, it duplicates the action of a normal heart, providing mechanical circulatory support and restoring normal blood flow through the body. It is powered and controlled by a bedside console for patients in the hospital.  When they depart the hospital, patient with a TAH use a portable control tool that fits in a shoulder bag or backpack and weighs approximately 14 pounds. it could be recharged at home or in a car. 

Reliable, long-term support and good quality of life with total artificial heart in India 

The popularity of total artificial heart procedure is steadily rising and this is owing to the immense benefits that this procedure provides. It is a very frequently performed and availed procedure in India and not only Indian patients but international patients too prefer cardiac surgeon to get this procedure done. And the numerous reasons which make this treatment popular in India are:

  • There are several multi-specialty hospitals all over the country that provide excellent total artificial heart procedure in India. With state of art infrastructure, committed personnel and follow with the global guiding for hospital care and hygiene.
  • The best cardiac surgeons in India are an expert when it comes to offering total artificial heart procedure in India,.
  • From last decade in many healthcare fields India is emerging as medical hub. The patients prefer to get total artificial heart procedure here.
  • You do no longer have to wait for long for getting appointing for consultation and treatment with top cardiac surgeons who are highly trained and experienced in providing artificial heart procedure in India.

Cost benefits of total artificial heart procedure in India

India is ranked as the 3rd most popular country in the world for cost of ventricular assist device India with savings of 50 to 75 per cent compared to the United States. India has now become a hub for cardiac treatment in Southeast Asia and people have been flying in from foreign countries and undergoing treatment for total artificial heart procedure here. What is most astonishing is that even at these costs, renowned cardiac centers all over the nation are equipped with the best instruments and the most advanced technology. This has ended in a high success rate averaging at 98.50 at top rating hospitals and the exceptional of care is at par with clinics in developed countries.
Low treatment costs are surely one of primary factors attracting people to India however the expertise and trust in the excellent quality of treatment is another reason for the growth of overseas patients.

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