Dr. Rajiv Parakh Best Vascular Surgeon in India Treating Your Vascular Conditions is His Priority

26 Sep


Vascular surgeons use many forms of treatments to restoration damaged blood vessels. For some patients, endovascular surgery — a much less invasive choice than open surgical treatment — can offer many benefits, from a shorter hospital stay to a faster recuperation time. Endovascular means “within the blood vessel.”  Endovascular surgical operation is a kind of method that uses very small cuts and lengthy, thin tubes referred to as catheters, which are placed interior, a blood vessel to restore it. This technique is used to treat many kinds of conditions. It's commonly used to treat aneurysms or vulnerable spots or bulges on your arteries.

Dr. Rajiv Parakh is leading vascular and endovascular surgical expertise in India

Dr. Rajiv Parakh top endovascular surgeon in Gurgaon is a pioneer in endovascular surgery, performing more than 150 endovascular aneurysm repairs annually — more than any other vascular surgeon in India. He specializes in endovascular surgery that uses interdisciplinary communication to diagnose, treat, and ensure fast recovery for patients. The high quality, comprehensive care and the most advanced treatments are just a few of the factors that make him top endovascular surgeon in Gurgaon to receive care. He evaluates and treats patients with the procedure that is safest and most appropriate for their specific vascular condition and overall health. He provides expert, individualized care for a range of vascular conditions.Book Immediate Appointment at Email ID dr.rajivparakh@indiacardiacsurgerysite.com

Why choose Dr. Rajiv Parakh best vascular surgeon in India?

  • Dr. Rajiv Parakh top endovascular surgeon in Gurgaon has expertise and experience in diagnosing and treating common, complex and rare vascular diseases. He also develops and uses new, minimally invasive endovascular procedures.
  • He works with doctors trained in vascular medicine, heart conditions, nervous system conditions, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and diagnostic and interventional radiology to diagnose and treat your condition.
  • He researches actively study causes, diagnosis and treatment options for vascular diseases and conduct clinical trials in India.
  • He is a best vascular surgeon in India who specialise for both open and endovascular procedures who can provide you with all treatment options currently available. He works closely with you to determine the course of treatment best suited to help treat your vascular condition.

    Dr. Rajiv Parakh pioneering in vascular treatments in India

    Dr. Rajiv Parakh best vascular surgeon in India has a long reputation of excellence in the treatment of vascular disease, the education of future leaders in vascular surgery, and research that strives to improve patient care. He provides cutting-edge technologies for adult and pediatric patients with vascular disease and vein disorders.  He is recognized internationally for his extensive experience with surgical approaches for treating aneurysms. He aims to combines art and medicine in a manner that safely, comfortably, and reliably treats different disorders. He is a friendly and then knowledgeable doctors who will listen closely to your concerns, answer all your questions, and then customize a treatment package suited to your needs, lifestyle, and schedule.Number For Fast Track Query Reply +91 - 9765025331

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