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14 Mar


Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are one of the leading causes of death globally. A predominant number of these disorders can be prevented if risk factors are recognised. Early prognosis, set off and suitable remedy if instituted can prolong and save many lives. The most common common coronary heart surgical operation is coronary artery bypass grafting. Heart surgical procedure is also used to repair or heart valves, implant devices to support flow and improve heart function.

Cardiac conditions treated in India

Conditions that might require cardiothoracic surgery include:

  • Aortic regurgitation: A condition in which the aortic valve does not close well, permitting blood to leak from the aorta back into the left ventricle
  • Atrial fibrillation : A potentially dangerous type of heart rhythm disorder
  • Coronary artery disease: A condition in which blockages in the coronary heart’s blood vessels restriction blood flow to the heart
  • Heart attack: An event in which the heart’s muscular layer is deprived of blood and oxygen for an extended period of time
  • Heart failure: A situation where in the heart steadily loses the potential to effectively pump blood to the body
  • Mitral valve prolapse: A condition in which the mitral valve does not open and close properly


Why consider heart surgery in India?

India is ranked because the 3rd most popular country in the world for medical treatment with cost savings of 50 to 75 % in compared to US. Tourists prefer to come here for heart surgery not because other countries do not offer the same quality of treatment, but because the similar quality of services can be availed in less than one-third of the cost. Moreover, the surgery is conducted with the help of the most advanced technology, which is at par with what even the most developed countries in the world have. The country’s highly trained cardiac surgeons use the latest minimally invasive techniques and innovative surgical methods found only in the nation’s premier medical centers. Striving to enhance quality of life and extend longevity for patients, by providing leading-edge cardiac surgery care with a personal touch that ensures an exceptional patient experience. Given the fact that there are 42 JCI accredited hospitals available in India, quality healthcare including major surgeries is easily accessible. Many hospitals have well equipped centers. The success rate is among the highest here and comparable with the best healthcare institutions anywhere in the world.

Dr Anil Bhan’s experience makes difference in the field of cardiology 

Dr. Bhan is best cardiologist in India and Vice Chairman Cardiac Surgery Heart Institute Medanta Hospital, Gurugram, India. He possesses largest experience in Aortic surgical treatment in India. He has designed and developed more than 50 surgical treatments in the field of cardiac surgical treatment. Best cardiac surgeon in Gurgaon was one of the team members that performed the first successful heart transplantation in India (1994). He has executed extra than 15,000 cardiac and vascular procedures with excellent outcomes, matching with the best in the world. With a vision to improve the system of cardiac surgery in India, he helped in starting three cardiac surgical programmes within the country. Having begged a Gold medal while doing his MBBS, he always desired to become a surgeon. With his hard work, his name is placed among some of the best heart surgeons in the world.

How can India cardiac surgery service help?

India cardiac surgery service a professionally managed engaged in health care, travel & tourism services along with panel of hospitals, doctors & surgeons etc. We our commitment to deliver high quality services; our belief in values and dedication towards achieving the best is reflected in our work and client satisfaction. We commit and dedicate ourselves to our core values of always extending smiling services to the humanity with respect to every individual Life.

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